Autumn Oaks Standing Committees

Architectural Review Committee - ARC
Tony Sylvester, Chair
Ron Ruppe
Patrick McCall
*Meets at 6:30pm monthly prior to the BOD meeting at the VFW.
Governing Documents Review Committee
Bill Lake, Chair
David MacCuish
*Meetings are not routine and are conducted on a case by case basis.
Compliance Committee
Steven Fischer, Chair
Alicia Fischer
Bill Lake
Mark Pinto
*Meets on an as needed basis. Inspections of the neighbor and follow-up inspections are conducted monthly.
Finance Committee
John Felten, Chair
Cheryl Berry
Ron Hubrich
Rosario Pecoraro
*Meetings are held quarterly at 6:00pm on the Tuesday prior to our scheduled BOD meeting at John Felten's home.
Hearing Committee
*Meeting are not open to the public and are not advertised.
Beautification and Maintenance Committee
Ron Hubrich, Chair
Rosario Pecoraro
*Meets on as needed basis.
Welcoming Committee
Cheryl Berry, Chair
Carolann Puzio

Website Committee
Tony Wickersham
If having difficulty registering or signing into the website please contact Tony at